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Valiant Liquor & Convenience Store Fixtures


At Valiant Liquor and Convenience Store Design we work will all the top fixture manufactures. Our experience will help you choose the right fixtures for your particular store be it a high end wine store or a gas station conviences store.


Walk-in Coolers, Beer Caves, and Beverage Coolers


Your walk-in cooler is typically your largest investment - in both your display space as well as the cost of the product.  We use the best manufacturers in the market for our coolers, doors, and refrigeration equipment.  We only sell products from reputable manufactures with long standing reputations in the industry and industry leading warranties. 


There are many options available for these component pieces and many have a specific application. Using our expertise we provide the component fixtures that will best suit your needs. This is a very crucial point that needs to be made, not every component is an ideal fit for a particular store, and we know what works well and what does not. We will go over these components with you when we have the chance to talk about your project.


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Cabinets & Counters


Your sales counter needs to be functional above all else.


There are many types of sales counters on the market ranging from custom millwork, kits, and our metal counters. Our counters will last decades, without showing any wear and are fully customizable. The tops can be stainless steel, granite or stone, or solid surface such as Corian or Avonite. The counter is the last impression you will make on your customer regarding your fixtures.


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Functionality, durability, and presentation are the most important factors to consider when purchasing your display shelving. The ability to adjust shelves, modify length and height as your needs grow, and display your products in a manner that is both attractive and effective is our goal.


We provide metal shelving that comes in a variety of finishes and sizes. Much like the cooler, there are appropriate heights and depths to maximize your investment and display. The size of your aisles and how the shelving contributes to the traffic flow of your store is very important.


A strong layout will encourage impulse purchases and allows you to highlight featured products.


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