Liquor & Convenience Store Designs


Current Valiant Liquor & Convenience Store Design Projects


Molly's Spirits
Located in an up and coming neighborhood in Northwest Denver, Molly’s Spirits is a highly functional store with tremendous shopability. At 74 doors the refrigeration package is among the largest scale in the state. Large aisles and excellent usage of technology help your customer easily navigate the large store effortlessly. There is no shortage of impulse purchase opportunities in this warm and welcoming retail liquor store. The walk-in bomber room gives your customer access to cold craft beer products and an opportunity to expand their palates as well as your margins.

Gateway Liquors
Located near Denver International Airport this traditional layout maximizes every square foot of the retail space. With a lower level for storage the majority of the main floor is dedicated to retail sales. A 57 door, stainless steel finish cooler, draws the customer through the aisles and provides an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience for your customer. A large sliding door allows for beer deliveries on pallets creating quick deliveries. Using digital price tags the operator can quickly and easily modify any price wirelessly from the office. The finish on the shelving stands out from the ordinary white or black and customers have made it known they notice the extra attention to detail.



Total Beverage
Located just North of Denver this beautiful store is the result of a very successful store needing to grow. All new fixtures were installed in the new location while the existing location remained open for business. With 109 doors this is one of the largest coolers in the country. Accented with reclaimed pine beetle kill and reclaimed corrugated metal siding from a barn, this cooler stands out as much as any you will ever see. The check stands in this store allow for the employee to assist customers with getting large cases up on the countertop and a lower platform provides an effortless bagging area. Digital price tags are also in use in this store offering the same benefits and convenience for the operator to reduce the number of misunderstandings on pricing. Fantastic signage and an open floor plan again allow for easy navigation for your customer and maintains traffic flow order.