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Shelving Options


Functionality, durability, and presentation are the most important factors to consider when purchasing your display shelving. The ability to adjust shelves, modify length and height as your needs grow, and display your products in a manner that is both attractive and effective is our goal. A Good shelving system should be easy to assemble, have great product visibility, be easy to change, and have accessories that can be added.


Valiant Liquor and Convenience Store Designs recommends systems by Madix Shelving and Storflex Shelving. Both companies offer durable systems that come in a variety of finishes and sizes.


Madix Shelving


For over 50 years Madix have listened to their customers and responded to their needs, focusing on the underlying issues they face to make their stores more profitable. We work one-on-one with each client to identify ways to improve store environments, which improves the bottom line. Madix offers an assortment of catalogued display and storage lines, and we love to design new products that tackle your specific needs. Madix draws on its experience to evaluate, consult, and share imaginative ways to make your sales floors and back rooms more productive. This interaction is what makes Madix stand out above all others as the innovative leader in the store fixture industry.


Customers want to get in and out as quickly as possible. With Madix fixtures, liquor and convience stores can increase sales with eye-catching displays that organize and improve product visibility. With unique accessories specially designed for merchandise, retailers can direct customers to the most profitable merchandise. Utilize promotional bins, freestanding aisle fixtures, and wire accessories to improve the bottom line.











Storflex shelving

STORFLEX is a premier solution for Metal Gondola Display Shelving, Custom Metal and Wood Display Fixtures,. They are an industry leading manufacturer with the skills and resources to deliver customized solutions to your most challenging retail display requirements.


All STORFLEX products are designed and manufactured to accommodate the rigors of the brick-and-mortar marketplace. Reliable and versatile, their product line can be customized to your store's specifications, enabling you to employ the shelving and merchandising solutions that are the right fit for your customers and space.


Their philosophy is to understand your unique values and goals. They learn your brand and retail environment objectives inside and out, match up thier resources with your specific project plans, and design a customized equipment strategy that is configurable.


In the current retail environment, success hinges on your your ability to accurately and consistently merchandise your products. Poorly constructed or "one-size-fits-all" shelving solutions quickly translate into negative business outcomes because they limit your stores' presentation capabilities – decreasing sales, reducing cart size and negatively impacting revenue capacity.